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Lawmakers once again reject bill to repair payday lending glitch

Rep. Adrienne Wooten, a Hinds County Democrat, tried unsuccessfully again this year to fix a glitch in Mississippi’s payday lending law that was suppose to give borrowers 30 days to repay loans of more than $250. Instead of the 30 days, borrowers have been getting only two weeks to repay the loans before new fees kick in. A provision in ...

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Report urges action for state’s un-banked

Mississippi households without checking accounts are double the national average, says a Mississippi Economic Policy Center report that urges the financial sector and communities to initiate more financial education among youngsters and adults and create more access to banking services. The report calls for several actions its authors think can transform more Mississippians into consumers of financial services while increasing ...

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Fact checking Barbour: Denying you raised taxes doesn’t make it so

By Ted Carter Mississippi’s state-hopping governor has hospital administrators across the state scratching their heads and wondering: What’s he talking about? And smokers? He’s got them choking on their Luckys. What Gov. Haley Barbour’s talking about is raising taxes – something he says he hasn’t done but President Obama has. In a speech to the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Monday, ...

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Mississippi mismatch: Delinquent mortgages high, foreclosures low

Mississippi has long had the distinction as a state with one of the highest delinquent mortgage rates in the country. January was no exception. The state’s 5.93 percent 30-day delinquent rate topped all over states, including the troubled mortgage market states of Florida, Nevada and California, the Mortgage Bankers Association reported last week. Yet Mississippi ranked 46th in the nation ...

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