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Your home as a retirement asset? Yes, but higher returns are possible

By TED CARTER Retirement security may await at the end of a rainbow, but is leaving a home behind the best way to get to it? Yes and no, a financial planner and finance professor say. But for Gary Parker, it’s not even a close call. Homeownership and retirement security are synonymous, he says. That’s not surprising since Parker sells ...

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Time to look ahead at 2019 tax year

By CALLIE DANIELS BRYANT Pencils down. Papers filed. Tense shoulders can now relax – we’re a month past the 2018 tax deadline, unless your tax return was smaller than hoped, or worse, you owe IRS.  It’s never too early to plan ahead on how you can have a better tax season by 2019’s deadline, so we spoke to accountants and ...

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FINANCIAL PLANNING: Do you really know what time it is?

By BECKY GILLETTE It used to be that most people retired at the age of 65. But, today, there are options for retiring earlier, and higher benefits from Social Security for retiring later. The timing of retirement can make a big difference in how much financial freedom someone has during retirement. The number one question when deciding when to retire is, ...

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GENERATION Y: Planners learning to adjust

When it comes to doing business with Millennials, it’s best to be as comfortable using technology as they are. And they were born to it. Pew Research calls Millennials “digital natives.” In a social trends report published in March on Millennials in Adulthood, Pew researchers said Millennials are “at the leading edge of this social phenomenon. They have also taken ...

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Organization keeps planners, advisers up to date on regulatory changes

Keeping members up to date with changes that affect their profession is a large part of what the Mississippi Chapter of the Financial Planning Association does. Members and other professionals gathered recently to earn four hours of continuing education credits as they learned how changes in the regulatory landscape will affect them. More quarterly forums are being planned for the ...

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