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Farm-to-table movement growing in popularity

By BECKY GILLETTE The farm-to-table movement is becoming increasingly popular across the country as consumers lean toward wanting to support local growers who can provide tasty and fresh produce that doesn’t have to be shipped across the country. Dr. Christine Coker, a specialist in urban horticulture vegetables and green roof food systems at the Mississippi State University Coastal Research & ...

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Green industry in Mississippi grossed $175 million in 2017

By BECKY GILLETTE When talking about “green” industries, it doesn’t get greener than operations like Salad Days in Flora, a hydroponic farm that is used to grow pesticide-free produce including lettuce and several varieties of tomatoes. The farm operated by Jamie Redmond and Leigh Bailey has a number of environmental benefits: Water usage is minimal making this method easily sustainable. ...

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Wildfires like those seen in California possible in Mississippi?

By BECKY GILLETTE The recent devastating camp fire-begun conflagration that killed 85 people and destroyed about 14,000 homes in California has created more awareness of the potential for devastating wildfires, said Mississippi Forestry Commission (MFC) Fire Chief Randy Giachelli. “The saddest part is that nearly nine out of 10 wildfires nationwide could have been prevented with proper care,” Giachelli said. ...

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Mississippi has growth potential where recycling programs are concerned

By JULIA MILLER Each day, Americans create 4 pounds of trash, and landfills fill up a little more. To help counter that, the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality is working with local governments to encourage recycling. “Across the state, our 60 percent of our residents have access to recycling services,” Jennifer Milner, MDEQ’s recycling coordinator, said. “Nationally, that number is ...

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Mississippi Grown Cut Flower Association to educate businesses

By CALLIE DANIELS BRYANT When one pictures Mississippi fragrant magnolias come to mind as well as seemingly endless fields of cotton.  Now picture those fields but with bright flowers from floral shops all over the South: peonies, Asiatic lilies, dahlias and even sunflowers for cutting to sell to florists.  Thus was born the state’s inaugural Mississippi Grown Cut Flower Association, ...

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