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HORNE hires Romero

HORNE LLP has hired Richard Romero, CVA, PAHM, CHFP, as a director in the accounting and business advisory firm’s healthcare focus area. Based out of the Nashville office, Romero serves clients nationwide as part of the firm’s healthcare valuation leadership team. Romero joins the firm with more than 25 years of experience in regulatory compliance, valuation and litigation support.

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WESLEY McGREW — Their breach is your breach

When you’re catching up on the news, it’s become all too common to see stories about new breaches that have occurred, resulting in the theft of customers’ personal and financial information from businesses of all sectors. If you’re a regular reader of my column, you’re probably gotten past the fallacy of thinking “that can’t happen to me,” but there’s still ...

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WESLEY McGREW — Exposing the skill gap in information security

Imagine if your business’ attorneys and CPAs had only a week of training in their profession. At the end of that week, they were given the opportunity to take a multiple choice test (for which their training acted as a “cram” session). Like an unqualified lawyer or accountant, an inexperienced, poorly trained, or careless information security professional could cause immeasurable ...

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WESLEY McGREW — Being a “compliant” victim of cybercrime

When I discuss cybersecurity with business leaders, the most common misconception I see involves the role of security compliance. In my last column, I described the reality of cybercrime, a wild frontier of advanced attackers that can critically damage your business with impunity. In this dangerous environment, it’s important to realize that compliance alone will not protect you. Recently, the ...

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When 2 systems ‘collide’ — HORNE unites engagement and public relations into new department

By NASH NUNNERY Forget the career ladder. Millennials are looking for the express elevator to find success. And that success includes opportunity for impact, influence and involvement. One Mississippi-based accounting firm has put a plan in action to focus not only on the strategic development of its millennial workforce but also more than 500 team members across the country. HORNE LLP’s ...

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WESLEY McGREW — The reality of cybercrime

Computer networks have given us the ability to operate, communicate, and conduct business more easily today than ever before. It is, however, hard to imagine a more dangerous time for businesses to operate than right now. While technology has provided us with great opportunities, it has also exposed us to attacks that threaten our business operations. At no other time ...

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