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BEN WILLIAMS — You only thought no man was above the law

The use of that misleading axiom “no man is above the law” should be restricted to political rallies and bars. Our Orwellian laws make some men (and women) more equal than others. The aspirational maxim may conjure an image of a blindfolded, toga-clad Lady Justice, holding antiquated scales in her right hand and a quick sword in her left.  That ...

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TODD SMITH — White House to launch impeachment response plan

Top White House officials will soon present President Trump with a wide-ranging response strategy to the growing threat of impeachment, following a week of mixed messaging and growing angst within Trump’s adviser team. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and White House counsel Pat Cipollone will be among those who present the president with the plan for a rapid-response ...

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BEN WILLIAMS — Alexander Hamilton v Robert S. Mueller III: Can a president be indicted?

At the end of Act I of the box-office smash Hamilton: An American Musical, the play’s namesake beseeches his murderer-to-be to co-author a “series of essays, anonymously published” defending the proposed U.S. Constitution.  Alexander Hamilton’s entreaty to Aaron Burr probably never occurred, but Hamilton – with assistance from fellow Founding Fathers James Madison and John Jay – would publish incognito ...

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