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TODD SMITH: SXSW showcases brands, entertainment & politics

Austin was the epicenter of the Brandverse during the SXSW festival, where brands, entertainment, music and politics mixed in an ethereal digital dance. This year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival and Conference offered interactive brand experiences all week long, along with bodacious live music, comedy, world premieres of TV shows and movies, product launches – and yes, the onslaught of ...

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MATTHEW McLAUGHLIN — Break the echo chamber

The internet and social media have empowered us with far greater amounts of information and at increasingly faster rates than any other point in the history of humankind.  The benefits of this democratization are omnipresent and permeate almost every aspect of our lives now.  For technologies that have largely only existed for about a decade, it is hard to imagine ...

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TODD SMITH — Band-Aid, Amazon, Dawn, Google top brands among women

Band-Aid, Amazon, Dawn, Google and M&M’s are the five best-perceived brands by women, according to YouGov BrandIndex. In conjunction with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, consumer perception research firm YouGov BrandIndex released a ranking of the best-perceived brands by women, as well as the ones that have improved the most in perception in the last year. Women were ...

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THE SPIN CYCLE — Key results from Pew’s social media survey

As Meerkat loses the spotlight to Periscope and everyone tries to remember what Ello was all about, we could use a bit of research for clarity on the current state of social media. The ever-reliable Pew Research Center did just that with its extensive study on The Digital Lives of Teenagers. Here are the top takeaways: 1. Facebook is just ...

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THE SPIN CYCLE — Pitching pitfalls that drive journalists crazy

How well do us PR practitioners and journalists get along? Sometimes it’s easy to avoid common mistakes that will prevent your brand from getting covered and possibly ruin your relationship with the journalist – and who better than journalists themselves to give us tips? With the help of Martin Bryant, editor-in-chief at The Next Web, Media Bistro, recently gathered a ...

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JEFFERY GITOMER — Four more words that will “shape” my 2014

L ast year I posted four words on my bathroom mirror: FINISH, WRITE, SHAPE and YES. Based on last year’s success, this year I decided to create two four-word categories. One for achievement and one for improvement. Not “goals” in the sense that you may be thinking about — rather intentions that I consciously and subconsciously work on every day, ...

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