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JACK WEATHERLY — ‘Les Miz’ stays on the high road

Would current events highjack the musical stage adaptation of Victor Hugo’s 19th century novel “Les Miserables”? There are parallels, however thin, which is about all it takes these days to make a case. After all, in the Trump era, however long that may be, there is the “resistance” that has consumed much of the country, fanned by investigations and more ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — A mighty fortress holds forth with annual show

[droand pcap]It is the best foot forward for the biggest Baptist church in a Baptist-dominated state. “Carols by Candlelight” is First Baptist of Jackson’s extravagant yet humble yule show that just marked its 49th year. It is unquestionably the biggest event of the season in the Jackson area. It is comparable to the Mormons’ annual extravaganza in Salt Lake City. ...

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JACK WEATHERLY: Greenberg’s end

JACK WEATHERLY This is not the way it should end. He should die with his fingers on the keyboard, producing another rhapsody. Paul Greenberg was (a tense I can’t fully believe) a writer, not a pianist, but there is absolutely music in his prose. He couldn’t live without his lifeblood – ink. That was what he dipped his pen in ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — Sadly, there goes that man who invented New Journalism

When I started working for newspapers 45 years ago, Tom Wolfe turned me on to something. It wasn’t a drug, though it did alter my writing sensibility, permanently. “There Goes (Varoom! Varoom!) That Kandy Kolored (Thphhhhhh!) Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby…” was the name of one of his early pieces that went a long way in establishing New Journalism. That essay about ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — Barbecue outposts in the land of de Soto and wild pigs

SENATOBIA – In 1541, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto brought pigs to Mississippi. They provided meat for his expeditionary force that was exploring the new world and was to cross the Mississippi River not far from here. The cloven-hoof animals have never left. They run rampant across the countryside in Mississippi and the rest of the South. Their domesticated cousins ...

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JACK WEATHERLY — Downtown Jackson taking it one step at a time

Grand plans have been pursued for naught to revive downtown Jackson. In 2009, a spectacular proposal called Two Lakes would have turned downtown into a canal with sailboats, condos and a concert bowl. The plan didn’t hold water. More recently, and seemingly still within reach, is the revival of the Farish Street Historic District. Meantime, the piecemeal approach has proceeded. ...

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