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JEFFREY GITOMER — Out of touch or out of their minds? Maybe both!

In a survey conducted by a BIG benefits management company (a management and human resource consulting firm), they asked 365 CEO’s and sales management executives, “What are the three key factors that separate high performing sales professionals from moderate to low performing sales professionals?” Both CEO’s and C-level sales executives (all people who don’t sell, but rely on their salespeople ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — What drives you into the sale? And drives you out with the order?

Got a company mission statement? “Yes, Jeffrey.  We do.” Really? Can you recite two words of it? “Uh, no.” How come?  Dude, it’s your MISSION.  It’s what is supposed to drive you into the sale — and, create an atmosphere of success. It’s your mission. The reason you’re not following your company’s mission statement, is because you had nothing to ...

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