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Hancock Whitney CEO Hairston took a career curve from chemical engineering

By BECKY GILLETTE When John M. Hairston was named CEO of Hancock Bank in 2008, the bank had about $4 billion in total assets. Since then, Hancock merged with Whitney Bank becoming Hancock Whitney Bank, and expects to finish 2019 at more than $30 billion in total assets. “Regardless of how large we become, Hancock Whitney measures our success by ...

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HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER — Keeping companies’ banks united provides advantages for large and small

Put simply, bank holding companies own one or more banks, but don’t engage in banking themselves. And although BHCs involve legal complexities and regulatory considerations, BHCs are favored by many banks because they provide more flexibility in raising capital and more liquidity for shareholders. BHCs are favored by both large and small banks. “It is a common practice,” said Tony ...

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Hairston named CEO/president of Hancock Holding

GULFPORT — Hancock Holding Company has announced that John M. Hairston has been named the company’s chief executive officer and president. Hairston served as CEO and chief operating officer for the parent of Hancock Bank. He succeeds Carl J. Chaney, who retired effective Friday. Hairston had been CEO/COO in 2008. He has served as an officer with the company since ...

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