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Sales numbers, store visits guide her inventory decisions

The first rule of display at a Libby Story store is that everything must make sense. Arrange it so people will want to buy it. “That’s my God-given talent,” Libby Story McRight says. All the pieces along a wall must work together. “So if I wanted those jeans you could wear any of the tops that are with it,” she ...

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Specialty retailers emphasize the store experience

Upon the 2006 opening of the Libby Story store in Starkville, the university town had one other clothing and accessories boutique. Today the city has about a dozen and a half, Libby Story McRight says. “Now, I bet there are 20 at least,” she says. “I’ve got several competitors I think are really good. I like them to keep me ...

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Store’s website growing into an industry of its own

Libby Story McRight lives to create but the young retail entrepreneur is content to leave the creative work that goes into the Libby Story website to her graphic artist husband, John Hunter McRight, and a full-time web master. “Our website is like an industry in itself,” says McRight. “It’s like a store. We have a fulltime person running it. We’re ...

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