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No one is thinking about your business, they’re too busy thinking about movies

There are people who watch the 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner every week for the sole purpose of determining whether the main character, Rick Deckard, is a human or a replicant (the film’s word for android). It’s a 35-year-old argument among science-fiction fans. “Is Deckard a replicant?” But Scott, director of the movie, has answered the question with surprisingly ...

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JOSH MABUS — Perception vs. Reality vs. Opinion

I’ve never gone along with the maxim: “Perception is reality.” The fact that reality is reality keeps me going every day. If I have to start accounting for versions of the truth, I’ll likely hang up my tool belt and quietly retire to a cabin in the woods. Opinion, though — opinion is a strong force. It can’t affect reality, ...

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