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TODD SMITH — Google News launches fact check feature

In the midst of a highly charged presidential election, where fact and fiction have frequently become confused, Google News has introduced a new fact check feature in search results for news stories. Fact check will now appear as a label among news search results, alongside other established labels such as opinion, local source and highly cited. Google News algorithmically connects ...

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TODD SMITH — American Society of News editors goes digital for measurement

In a sign of the continuing industry-wide shift away from print, the American Society of News Editors recently announced that its membership structure will focus on monthly web traffic rather than print circulation figures. The change, announced by ASNE in an email to members last week, is a “long overdue” acknowledgement that “digital media is a primary platform for storytelling ...

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Content marketing tripled in last year, digital media Advertising Delivers 2x ROI

Marketers have dramatically increased the content churned out in the past year, but people aren’t paying any more attention to it, according to an analysis of $16 billion in client spending by marketing analytics and software firm Beckon. In a report released last week during an Advertising Week presentation, Beckon said clients tripled the pieces of marketing content they delivered ...

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TODD SMITH — Social media overtakes TV as main source of news for millennials

The 18-24 crowd (younger Millennials) has used the internet as its primary source for news for several years. Now it is specifying “social media” as its main source of news, with that niche overtaking television for the first time. The information comes from a study done by The Oxford University Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. It looked at ...

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TODD SMITH: Master your crisis communications online

You have to do more these days to shift into gear when a crisis arises. It has to be a combination of positive PR, comprehensive and transparent messaging and a carefully articulated response statement – and in today’s fast-paced, plugged-in world, it must absolutely include a strategic social media response. With nearly two-thirds of American adults on social networking sites, ...

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JEFFREY GITOMER — What is the key that unlocks the sale?

Is there a one word answer to making more sales happen? YES! Probing? Listening? Presenting? Talking? Assessing? Pain? Objections? Closing? Manipulating? The key to selling is not probing, listening, presenting, talking, assessing, pain, objections, and especially not manipulating. The key that unlocks sales is harmonizing. But you’d never know that from most salespeople’s actions. Selling is about understanding the other ...

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