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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: Millsaps’ Pearigen developing tomorrow’s leaders

Management guru Peter Drucker used to relentlessly ask executives – “What business are you in?”  Drucker wrote, “That the question is so rarely asked—at least in a clear and sharp form—and so rarely given adequate study and thought, is perhaps the most important single cause of business failure.” Great leaders consider such questions and make sure their organization has a ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY — Doug Dale’s self-awareness helps lift him to top of his game

Anthony Tjan, co-author of Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck, noted in a Harvard Business Review article that, “There is one quality that trumps all, evident in virtually every great entrepreneur, manager, and leader. That quality is self-awareness. The best thing leaders can to improve their effectiveness is to become more aware of what motivates them and their decision-making.”  I believe ...

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BOOK BIZ: Book has tool to understand how to motivate employees

Two native Mississippians with years of experience as managers and consultants put their heads together to write a book they believe will be helpful for all kinds of organizations. Through the years they’ve collaborated on clients and had a mutual interest in ways to unlock the growth potential of organizations by better understanding how to motivate individuals. “We all have ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: Colby Lane proves that being ready is a great trait

A common trait I have found in successful leaders is a commitment to preparation.  Benjamin Franklin noted, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”  On game day, well prepared athletes make it look easy.  However, we know that hours of hard work went into getting ready.  Legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant explained, “It’s not the will to ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: Leadership resolutions — Among other things, following up is critical

The New Year brings a sense of renewal and change.  Studies show that almost half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately only about 10 percent of those will actually achieve their goals. As you might imagine, resolutions to improve health and finances rank at the top of the wish list.  One of the key ways to achieve resolutions is to ...

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MARTIN WILLOUGHBY: Entrepreneur Cary Crawley has courage to drive business forward

Leadership takes courage.  Your decisions will not always be popular.  Sometimes, you will need to persevere in the face of strong opposition.  However, true leaders have a moral courage that allows them to press onward.  Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he ...

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