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Garbage from ‘left’ rag

Editor, Almost two years into Nobama term and it’s still Bush’s fault  (Poll: Republicans more unpopular than Democrats, 09/24/10)!???  … Why should I or my wife and son excel, produce, study hard and work only to provide for those who languish and beg for handouts and fail to achieve yet be guaranteed by this prezz they get free healthcare, extended ...

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Tired of lazy Democrats

Editor, I loved the part of this article (Poll: Republicans more unpopular than Democrats, 09/24/10) that states Democrats are worried the GOP-run Congress would return the country to the days of government shutdowns and attempts to privatize Social Security. I hope they do! That was why this country was founded. To limit government. To have a free society. I am ...

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MBJ making a mountain out of a molehill

Editor, If reference to your stories about MDOT chief Butch Brown, who was recently arrested for public drunk at a casino in Biloxi, why should someone be arrested for simply falling asleep? Why would it be in the best interest of a casino to want someone arrested for simply falling asleep? And, by the way, in case you’re not aware, ...

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Writer: David Waide has short-term memory loss

Editor, I read with interest the article on David Waide, the current president of the Mississippi Farm Bureau, and the bill for eminent domain in the June 14 issue.  In there, Mr. Waide states, “I don’t remember an issue that’s ever been like this.  I think this has galvanized everybody.”  Mr. Waide must certainly remember his successful attempt at blocking ...

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Kemper plant should be reconsidered

Editor, As a businessman in South Mississippi, I feel the need to explain why the recent decision of the Public Service Commission on the Kemper County generating plant makes it impossible for Mississippi Power to finance and construct the plant. I hesitated to come forward because I am a member of the Mississippi Power Company board of directors, but I ...

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