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PHIL HARDWICK: How to speak to a college class

PHIL HARDWICK The fall academic semester approaches. If you are successful in business there’s a good chance that sooner or later you will be asked to speak to a college class about your company or a current business issue. The experience can be personally rewarding or a flop. I’ve been teaching as an adjunct professor/instructor at the college level since ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Megatrends in business, Part 2

In Part I we looked at how John Naisbitt’s predictions in his 1982 book, “Megatrends,” had played out in Jackson, Mississippi. In this column we will look at his 10 predictions in the context of the broader society. Each prediction or forecast or direction, whichever you like to label them, is listed followed by a brief commentary on what happened. ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Tourism is on a roll in Mississippi

Tourism is on a roll. Although international visitors to the United States is down, domestic tourism continues to climb. Several states posted record tourism numbers. Ohio drew 219 million tourism visits in 2017, up from 212 million the previous year, and saw direct spending rise by $1 billion to $35 billion, according to TourismOhio. Governor Rick Scott said that Florida ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Touting economic development is as American as motherhood and apple pie

Economic and community development have seemingly passed motherhood and apple pie as the “American” thing. When was the last time you heard a candidate for public office proclaim his or objection to economic development?  But exactly what is economic development?  Or community development for that matter? The term “economic development” was hardly used before World War II, although the concept has been ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — All about streets

Depending on the perspective, there are good streets and not-so-good streets.  And then there are great streets.  This writer has a bias toward streets that are canopied. In Mississippi, that means streets that have treetops over them. Some streets in Ocean Springs, Jackson and Laurel come to mind. This column is about great streets as defined by the Project for ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Do you care about your followers?

Ask members of a group to name the characteristics of a good leader, and don’t be surprised when the usual descriptions come up: visionary, listener, communicator, ethical, trustworthy, etc. I’ve been doing such an exercise with groups for a long time. Lately, I’ve noticed that a certain characteristic has moved from the middle of the list to near the top. ...

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