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PHIL HARDWICK — Too many colonoscopies, not enough tattoos

Most strategic planning retreats begin with an opening exercise designed to energize the group and get participants to know each other better. The big issues surface later on during the retreat. However, at one recent retreat the opening exercise exposed a major issue facing the organization. The issue: an aging workforce. The exercise: autograph party. Autograph party, also known as ...

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PHIL HARDWICK: So, you’re thinking of running for mayor

With the March 3rd qualifying deadline only a few weeks away, decision time is drawing nigh for those considering running for mayor or other municipal office. To assist in that endeavor, we have put together a list of questions that should be answered by any person considering a run for mayor. The first question is the most important one because it ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — The strangest eminent domain case ever

There is an intriguing eminent domain case going on in south Mississippi. It involves a popular, well-known local eatery, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), the local county government and a 100-foot strip of land alongside a highway. The real estate issue is property value, but that is only the beginning. Let’s begin with a brief, but incomplete factual timeline ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — Business Communication 101: The latest thing

The message that is sent is never the message that is received. Two things about the history of communication are clear: The methods of communicating have evolved and the rate of change has accelerated. The methods have run the gamut from grunts and hand signals to email and texting. In modern times the rate of change is so great that ...

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PHIL HARDWICK — What remarkable associations do that others don’t

Why do some organizations thrive and really make a difference when others seem to be just hanging on? One thorough research project revealed that there are several things that make a significant difference in the success of associations. This research, which was conducted by the American Association of Society Executives, was presented in a book entitled 7 Measures of Success: ...

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Quality of life: It’s all about the perspective

Is the quality of life in your community on the way up, going down or staying the same? Ask that question to a group of residents, and chances are that the response to that question will not be unanimous. Why? It’s all about perspective. Perspective is a way of looking at things. It is all that can be seen from ...

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