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Student files contempt motion over school prayer

BRANDON — A student supported by an atheist group says the Rankin County school district is still violating a ban on school prayer. The senior at Northwest Rankin High School, represented by the American Humanist Association, filed a contempt motion yesterday in U.S. District Court in Jackson. The student says an April 17 districtwide honors program violated the district’s November ...

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ACLU chapter: School prayer can make students feel like outsiders

JACKSON — The ACLU of Mississippi says it supports constitutionally protected, voluntary student-led prayer in school for students who want to pray. What ACLU-MS does not support, it reports in a release, is “any policy or practice that violates the Constitution.” This includes the practice of schools promoting one religious belief over another, “therefore making a child of a different ...

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ACLU could sue over state's new school prayer law

JACKSON — Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a bill that could lead to student-led prayer over school intercoms or at graduations or sporting events. The American Civil Liberties Union said the measure, which becomes law July 1, is likely to prompt a lawsuit in the school year that begins in August. Republican Bryant was joined by about two dozen lawmakers, ...

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Bill legalizing school prayer sent to governor's desk

JACKSON — The House has sent a bill to Gov. Phil Bryant that could legalize student prayer before school audiences. Senate Bill 2633 is also meant to guarantee religious freedom in Mississippi public schools, ensuring students can talk about spiritual beliefs and not be deprived of their rights. The House voted 108-6 for final passage of the bill yesterday without ...

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School prayer bill makes it out of Senate committee

JACKSON — The Senate Education Committee has approved a measure meant to make it legal for students to pray before public school groups. Senate Bill 2633, sponsored by Sen. Chris McDaniel, a Republican from Elllisville, was approved by the committee yesterday. A similar bill is pending in the House. It suggests naming events including morning announcements, football games and graduations ...

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