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BEN WILLIAMS — You only thought no man was above the law

The use of that misleading axiom “no man is above the law” should be restricted to political rallies and bars. Our Orwellian laws make some men (and women) more equal than others. The aspirational maxim may conjure an image of a blindfolded, toga-clad Lady Justice, holding antiquated scales in her right hand and a quick sword in her left.  That ...

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BEN WILLIAMS — 100 Federal Judges

On May 2, 2019, President Trump reached (and passed) the 100-judge mark of Article III federal judicial confirmations. Article III judges are appointed for life. The alarums and excursions surrounding the subpoena-feuds, Mueller Report, and U.S. Attorney General Barr’s testimony (and non-testimony) muted recognition of the judicial milestone. It took Trump 832 days (2.3 years) to place 100 federal judges ...

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