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PSC questions MPC on IPP contracts and cost overruns

MPC wants to build ‘clean coal’ plant at a cost for more than $2.4 billion The state Public Service Commission’s resource hearings centered on a proposed $2.5 billion clean coal plant in Kemper County began Feb. 1 and included questions about plant financing, reliance on natural gas, legitimacy of independent power producer (IPP) contracts, and the mitigation of potential plant ...

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Comment deadline set for IGCC plant

JACKSON — Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz requests anyone wanting to enter a writer public comment into the public record concerning Mississippi Power Co.’s proposed IGCC plant in Kemper County do so no later than 9 a.m. Feb. 5. Phase two of the official hearings for the IGCC plant will begin today at 9 a.m. in the Mississippi ...

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PSC offering unspent funds to lawmakers

JACKSON — The Public Service Commission (PSC) has sent a letter to the chairmen of the House and Senate appropriations committees making them aware of $5 million in unspent funds that is currently held in the Public Service Commission Regulation Fund. In the letter, the commissioners said that the money cannot be spent by the agency, “and therefore is available ...

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National gas forecast is flat

Mississippi Power Company provides internal forecasts to PSC, but out of public view After an attempt to keep updated natural gas price forecasts out of the upcoming Public Service Commission hearings regarding the proposed Kemper County plant, Mississippi Power Company has filed the data confidentially with the Commission. MPC has said high and volatile natural gas prices make the economic ...

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PSC denies telecoms' certificates

JACKSON — Southern District Public Service Commissioner Leonard Bentz announced that the Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) has unanimously revoked the certificates for 53 telecommunications companies to do business in Mississippi. The telecommunication companies are: ADS-Telecom Inc.; Lecstar Telecom Inc.; Airnex Communications Inc.; Metro Teleconnect Companies Inc.; Allsouth Phone Connect Inc.; Ntera Inc.; Alticomm Inc.; National Telecom & Broadband Services, ...

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