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NAACP chapters sue to block redistricting

AROUND MISSISSIPPI — Local branches of the NAACP have filed lawsuits that seek to extend election qualifying deadlines in more than a dozen Mississippi counties until voting boundaries can be redrawn based on new census information. The lawsuits were filed yesterday in federal courts in south and north Mississippi. Today was the deadline for candidates to qualify to run in ...

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Supervisors bring redistricting lawsuit

MADISON COUNTY — The Madison County Board of Supervisors has sued to extend the qualifying deadline for county elections while the board redraws voting districts based on new census numbers. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Jackson, said the supervisors cannot redraw the districts and get federal government approval before Tuesday’s qualifying deadline for candidates for county offices. ...

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Census Bureau ships data to state

WASHINGTON — Yesterday, the Census Bureau shipped local 2010 Census data to the Mississippi state leadership. After confirmation of receipt, usually within 24 hours of shipment, the Census Bureau will issue a news release with five custom tables of data for the state. At that time, the full set of data will be available simultaneously via FTP download on the ...

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Supes want new election deadline, award tax credit

SOUTHAVEN — DeSoto County supervisors will ask lawmakers for local legislation to delay the March 1 qualifying deadline for local candidates in the 2011 elections. Supervisors fear they won’t get new census data in time to redraw new district lines. Legislative leaders have said no extension is likely. Supervisor Bill Russell tells The Commercial Appeal that getting new districts in ...

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Counties on their own with redistricting

ACROSS MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi lawmakers are not the only ones sweating out redistricting as election year 2011 approaches. County supervisors are also concerned about getting new Census data to redraw local district lines before the March 1 candidates’ qualifying deadline. While shifts in population create statewide ripples when legislators redraw state House and Senate districts, supervisors must draw their own ...

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Officials doubt district changes before election

VICKSBURG — Warren County officials say its unlikely new census data will be used to redraw local supervisory districts in time for the 2011 election. Any changes in the district lines must be submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice for review and approval. Warren County board president Richard George tells the Vicksburg Post that receipt of data in this ...

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