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REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK — Ebbers paid the price for greed

Many thought Enron Corp. execs got off relatively easy for all their fraudulence, then came Bernie Ebbers. The public, whose sentiment can influence the courts, felt that it was time to make up for Enron so they slammed Ebbers, the Mississippi-based telecom sensation, and gave him a stiffer sentence for the failure of WorldCom. He got 25 years and lost his half-million-acre ...

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REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK — A high-stakes game to save a paper

What do you do if the newspaper you own is losing money? Cut costs? Sure. Limit scope of coverage. And if that doesn’t work, sell everything and enjoy the money? How about spending more? A lot more. Well, um . . . . that is what Walter Hussman is doing with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. He is investing $12 million in ...

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