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Is there finally more help in the fight against robocalls?

New tools are coming to fight robocalls, but don’t expect unwanted calls to disappear. Political gridlock could derail bills aimed at beefing up enforcement and forcing phone companies to do more. The companies have been slow to act against such automated calls on their own. And even if companies do implement better technology, scammers and telemarketers will somehow get through ...

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Robocalls grow and PSC looks for a better defense

By JACK WEATHERLY Brandon Presley Hacking invades the sanctity of the computer of a person, business or government agency. And it grabs the headlines. Another kind of intrusion doesn’t draw nearly the public attention but “robocalls” can invade the privacy in a different way. And such calls are growing exponentially. The Mississippi Do Not Call List “works wonderfully” for those ...

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Maddening robocalls for voters

The election is over and the robocalls have stopped. Well, at least the political robocalls have stopped. Those annoying, but effective, calls are just another example of how technology is influencing our lives, making businesses and other organizations more productive and having an effect on the unemployment rate. During the week before the recent election I must have received at ...

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