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Catfish industry launches TV advertising campaign

JACKSON — This weekend, the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish industry will launch a new television advertising campaign aimed at raising awareness among Southern catfish eaters. The 30-second ad depicts a young soldier’s homecoming celebration, complete with a family gathering and a meal of fried catfish and sides. “Family gatherings are at the core of our consumer’s hearts when it comes time ...

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Customers can now know catfish origin

Customers of Mississippi restaurants will now know whether the catfish on their late is domestically produced or is an imported variety of catfish-like pangasius, also sold as basa, tra and swai. Mississippi producers persuaded legislators this month to amend the state’s catfish Country of Origin Labeling law to require restaurants to also identify the origin of froeigh produced catfish. The ...

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Getting off the bottom

As the historic crest of the Mississippi River rolled past the Delta last month, the catfish industry started breathing a little easier. If the Yazoo Backwater Levee had failed, practically the entire catfish industry in Mississippi would have been underwater, and after a decade of struggles, could have meant the industry’s death. Even if the levee held, some forecasted nearly ...

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Fins, bolls rebound

Catfish and cotton show new life While most producers enjoyed a bounce-back year in 2010, two commodities that many had given up for dead enjoyed Lazarus-like resurrections. Mississippi’s catfish industry has been on a downward spiral for years. High input costs, rising foreign competition and other factors have driven many out of aquaculture. That attrition led to an increase in the ...

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Egg recall puts FOOD safety back in spotlight

State’s catfish farmers still waiting for the USDA inspections The recent massive recalls of tainted eggs that involved one Mississippi company has the nation’s food-inspection efforts back in the spotlight. And while the egg/poultry industry works its damage control, the catfish farmers are still waiting on a promised change in the way the U.S. inspects fish. Last summer, the largest ...

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Q&A: Roger Barlow, President, The Catfish Institute, Jackson

Feeling the squeeze Catfish farmers fighting the recession more than most Catfish farmers in Mississippi have felt the effects of the slumping economy more than most in the recent years. They have fought the economy, the circulation of the Asian basa fish and so much more. With those subjects and more in mind, Roger Barlow sat down with the Mississippi ...

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