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BILL CRAWFORD — Senior housing among growing needs for affordable housing

So, my conservative friends, what is the ideological difference between a tax subsidy for the wealthy and a financial subsidy for the poor? We hear concerns from some conservatives about corporate welfare where the tax code benefits select corporate interests, but not so much about tax code welfare for the wealthy. My question arises from a study by the Center ...

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BILL CRAWFORD: Mississippi back on bottom in senior health rankings

Mississippi is getting older. No, this is not about our Bicentennial, but our people.    Since 1980 Mississippi’s total population increased 18.5 percent but the population of residents aged 65 and older jumped 43.3 percent.  This pushed the median age up from 27.6 years in 1980 to 36.5 years in 2015. Over that time, the percentage of population aged 65 and older moved from ...

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Medicare and Social Security: Prognosis — guarded

WASHINGTON — Medicare and Social Security — the foundation of a secure retirement — are facing strains from an aging population and an economy that can’t seem to get out of low gear. And despite assertions to the contrary by the Obama administration, the new healthcare law doesn’t improve Medicare’s solvency by much. As the government released its annual financial ...

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