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City's restaurant tax proposal dies

D’IBERVILLE — A referendum for a 2 percent restaurant tax in D’Iberville won’t be on the November ballot. City manager Michael Janus said the deadline was 5 p.m. March 19, and Sen. Tommy Gollott and Rep. Steven Palazzo, both of Biloxi, declined to introduce the bill. Mayor Rusty Quave Quave tells The Sun Herald that the city will probably try ...

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Mayor nixes hotel tax proposal

BILOXI — Mayor A.J. Holloway yesterday vetoed a proposed hotel room tax for Biloxi visitors. City council members passed the measure Wednesday night with the hope of having it to the Legislature before a Friday deadline. Holloway says the tax measure was conceived in the 11th hour and would impose an unspecified tax for an unspecified amount of time and ...

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Tax on sodas and trans-fat?

Mississippi is one of many states that has increased the tax on cigarettes. For those of you who believe that the tobacco tax means your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been mangled, you may be wondering: What’s next? How about a tax on sodas or trans fat? With all of the drama surrounding the healthcare ...

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