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NY Times: McDaniel 'voter integrity' squads plan to 'question' black voters at polls

  The groups supporting challenger Chris McDaniel think they have the right to question voters in the GOP Senate primary runoff about their voting intentions for November’s general election for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate seat, reports  the Times Editorial Blog. Here is the Times’ report: Several right-wing groups have banded together to form a “voter integrity project’ in response to the ...

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WaPo: Tea Party Super PACs spending lavishly but not on candidates

When the Tea Party Patriots threw its support last month behind Matt Bevin, the underdog conservative challenger trying to unseat top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell, President Jenny Beth Martin vowed the group would be “putting our money where our mouth is.” So far, its super PAC has mustered just $56,000 worth of mailers in Kentucky on Bevin’s behalf — less ...

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