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PSC fines are much ado about nothing

Every so often, I will answer the phone, and there will be some telemarketer trying to sell me something or another. I am on the no-call list, mind you. So, I really shouldn’t be getting these calls. Everyone knows what I am talking about. You are trying to eat dinner or help kids with their homework and some knothead calls ...

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PSC fines California telemarketer $945K for 'No-Call' violations

JACKSON — The Mississippi Public Service Commission has fined Roy M. Cox Jr. of Santa Ana, Calif., and his five corporations, Castle Rock Capital Management Inc., Castle Rock Capital Management, S. A., Capital Solutions Group, S. A., Transfers Argentina and Marketing Strategy Group, with both domestic and foreign places of business, a total of $945,000 for violations of the Mississippi ...

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PSC, FTC put robocaller out of telemarketing business

JACKSON — The Mississippi Public Service Commission (PSC) along with the Federal Trade Commission have exchanged information and put a robocaller out of the telemarketing business, according to Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley. The telemarketers were allegedly responsible for billions of calls and will give up assets totaling roughly $3 million under an FTC order. The telemarketers made more than ...

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