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From "too big to fail" to too big to jail?

America’s banking crisis may be receding into history but not so the desire of everyday Americans to bring the perpetrators of the criminally induced collapse to justice. While those behind rigging the system for their own benefit may never be forced to account for their actions, the reason why they are getting off free could bring the nation a huge ...

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AN MBJ BANKING ANALYSIS: Weighing "Too big to fail"

It’s as if Johnny Appleseed suddenly developed a disdain for apples, says a banking and investment industry stunned by former Wall Street kingpin Sandy Weill’s condemnation of the marriage of depositor institutions and investment banking. After all, having the two tie the knot was Weill’s idea, they say, pointing to the former Citigroup chairman’s successful lobbying of the Clinton administration ...

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Dodd-Frank expected to set off new competition for customer deposits

Bankers should be prepared to raise more capital reserve money without looking for it in the places they are used to finding it. And in a first for the U.S. banking sector, bankers should prepare to pay interest on the “demand deposit” accounts held by businesses. Those are among the challenges the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ...

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