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UK, Canada, Germany and Brazil top list of tourists in Mississippi

By LYNN LOFTON  It may be surprising to learn that 11 percent of  jobs in Mississippi are in the hospitality industry. With 122,850 jobs in tourism, that sector is now the fourth largest private employer in the state. Other impressive numbers include 24.7 million visitors who came to the state and spent $6.7 billion in fiscal year 2019. Mississippi Development ...

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VIP Cinema Seating continues growth in New Albany

By LISA MONTI  Moviegoers want more for their ticket price than a blockbuster drama or comedy. They want gourmet snack food, a superior sound system, high-tech screens and a plush seat like the one back at home in front of their giant TV screen. In other words, they want the whole movie-viewing experience. That’s exactly what Stephen Simons and VIP ...

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DAVID DALLAS: Wicker, Cochran and the Iran-a-Muck letter

Forty-seven United States Senators, including Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, signed a letter recently to “The Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran did not. The letter set out to explain the nuances of our U.S. Constitution to “The Leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.” The letter also described how the Senate might scuttle any agreement ...

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