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Hosemann slams DoJ employee for alleged remarks

JACKSON — Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has addressed the comments allegedly made by a Department of Justice (DoJ) employee, calling her remarks “irresponsible.” Allegedly, DoJ employee Stephanie Gyamfi posted the following statements on the social networking site, Facebook: “They never do…disgusting and shameful.  Hey, that should replace the state motto!  “Mississippi: Disgusting and Shameful.”…forget the magnolia state motto.” “I find ...

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Controversial voter ID bill heads to governor's desk

JACKSON — A Mississippi voter ID bill is headed to Republican Gov. Phil Bryant, who has said he supports it as a way to protect the integrity of elections. The final version of the bill passed the Republican controlled House 79-39 yesterday, with strong opposition from black representatives. It would require voters to show a driver’s license or other form ...

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Senate approves voter ID bill; House to do more work

JACKSON — Mississippi voters are a little closer to needing to show photo identification before voting. The Senate voted today in favor of House Bill 921, which would provide framework to set up a constitutional amendment that voters approved in November. However, it remains unclear whether the U.S. Justice Department will approve a photo identification requirement for Mississippi. Federal officials ...

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Hosemann: New voter ID law is constitutional

JACKSON — Mississippi officials are confident the state’s new voter ID constitutional amendment will pass muster despite the Justice Department’s rejection of a similar South Carolina law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls. “The Supreme Court has ruled that voter ID is constitutional and we believe that Mississippi’s plan for implementing voter ID will be constitutional as ...

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Hosemann asks for input from opponents of Voter ID

JACKSON — Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said he wants to include opponents of voter identification as state officials work to implement Initiative 27, the state constitutional amendment passed last week calling for Mississippians to present photo identification before voting. “My goals would not be to have people on the sidelines of the field waiting for someone to fumble the ...

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Republicans win big, 'personhood' defeated

Attorney General Jim Hood is now the only Democrat holding statewide office as Republicans nearly ran the table in yesterday’s elections. Voters also voted down Initiative 26 (“Personhood”), and voted for voter ID and eminent domain restriction. As of 4:48 a.m., here was The Associated Press’ wrap-up of those elections: • Governor (1,815 of 1,876 precincts — 97 percent) — ...

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